Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Summer season has the hottest temperatures of the four seasons and falls after spring and before autumn. These days are usually longer and nights shorter. The summer season comes in full swing and that means it’s time to head for the much-awaited vacation. Before you start packing your bags, take time to research on some of the useful tips for traveling during summer. Trips usually involve hotels, car rentals (preferably underage car rentals), and airfare, food and entertainment costs. The following tips will be very helpful before you go on a vacation.


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  1. Car rentals

Where you are traveling to or what you want to do during the holiday will determine if you will need a car or not. Ensure that you have the hotel information to see if the hotel offers free transportation services to and from the airport. Such services are available at Seattle airport for sure. Also, check if there are other public means or taxis available at a lower cost.


A taxi also helps you to explore areas around before you get to the hotel. Once at the hotel you can choose to walk to other venues e.g. gaming, dining, and entertainment if they are close to the hotel. Renting a car for a whole week may be cheaper compared to renting a car on daily basis. Also, ensure you return the car early so as not to incur extra expenses. If you are a student you can reserve an underage car for your trip. Underage car rentals are way cheaper compared to luxurious cars. To get such offers ensure you book on the student offer page and carry along your student ID with you. All you need is:

  • To be over 21 years.
  • Have a valid debit or credit card.
  • Valid driver’s license over a year
  • If under 25 years you will need to pay a younger driver surcharge.


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  1. Travel during off-peak

Traveling during off-peak seasons can help save 50% on hotels and food during travel times. Ensure you choose dates early enough since it’s a key to saving a lot. You can also adjust your travel dates by even two weeks to help you save.E.g. traveling to Europe is off-peak between November and March. You can also google information so as to get ideas about various countries


  1. Pack the appropriate clothes

Some countries may not be fashion conscious as others, but that doesn’t mean that you can walk in town dressed in whatever you decide. You should be aware of different religions, cultural values and age structure of the people around so as to avoid looking like a tourist. Also, have in mind that fashion changes every year. You can carry some pairs of jeans, shirts and a few t-shirts depending on the time period you have chosen to stay.



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  1. Search online

Checking online on various websites can help you save a lot during your summer vacation. You will be able to search for best deals on car rentals, hotels, and free reservations. Go through websites and read a lot about customer reviews so as to have ideas on what to expect before you make reservations.

Have in mind before you go for underage car rental abroad for a vacation, the rental age differs per country. Make sure you are aware of the renting age. If you plan to buy souvenirs or gifts ensure you leave space in your bag to carry them. Always ensure you pack just enough.