Best things to do in Seattle your youngsters

When it comes to traveling to Seattle, there are so many things to do and see. Especially if you are a young traveler. Problem with which young travelers could get in touch with is car renting. But don’t worry about that, there are several companies that offer Seattle car rental under 25 years old.

So, here is a list of places to visit in Seattle.

Gum Wall

It doesn’t take a lot of your time to visit this place. But it can be fun to see and even become a part of it. Mostly, it really is what it is called. Gum Wall is a huge wall with a lot of gum stuck on it. Take gum with you and stuck one on the wall too.

Woodland Park Zoo

It’s something to visit on a date, with friends or family, because it’s always interesting to see. There a huge variety of animals to see. Local and other animals from around the world.

Get on the water

It could be a great way to spend your time and see a lot new. There are a lot of ways to get on the water. You can rent you canoe or go to public sails to just relax.


This is something most people review as interesting. There is a Troll sculpture under the Aurora Bridge. You can even climb on it and take some great photos alone or with friends.

Get a drink

Seattle is known also as a place to get a drink at because there are a lot of options where to do that. You can get the locally brewed beer, there are one for every taste.
You can also get a cocktail if you prefer them more. Then you should go to Seattle’s speakeasies, there are one of the greatest.


Of course, you should never forget to visit the Seattle center. There is not only one activity to do, but a lot of them. Starting with Space Needle to beautiful gardens. Everyone can find something for them and full of fun in the Center.


There are several beaches you can visit. In all of them, the view is beautiful. Maybe the water is not the warmest, but the time spent in the beach is always good.

Final Thoughts

Seattle has a lot of things to do and see in it. It’s hard to do everything in just a one weekend, so if you have been there you will surely find something new to do. Also, in Seattle car rental under 25 is not a problem.